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Location: Shang Hai City, Shanghai, China 
Requisition ID: 30669 

Schindler stands for mobility. Mobility needs experts.
Join our team in Shang Hai City.

Founded in Switzerland in 1874, the Schindler Group is a leading global provider of elevators, escalators, and related services. Schindler mobility solutions move one billion people every day all over the world. Behind the company's success are over 60,000 employees in more than 100 countries.

Schindler established the China's first industrial joint venture in 1980 and accomplished the process of becoming WOFEs in 2006. With over 30 years of presence in China, Schindler continually looks to satisfy its vast customer base and commits itself towards further investment in people, service, manufacturing and R&D in China. With opening of the new plant in Jiading Shanghai, Schindler is committed to providing leading technology and excellent service to China market for a long run.​


Specialist EHS

Mobility is the goal

        1. 协助安全主管建立EHS管理体系,编制体系文件,起草EHS管理制度.

          Assist safety supervisor to establish EHS management system, write system documents, draw up EHS management principle.

        2. 实施每天安全检查、督促责任部门落实整改措施。

          Carry out daily safety inspectionsupervise and urge responsible departments to carry out measures.

        3. 负责同EHS委员会联系并参与各项安全活动,协助EHS管理委员会开展工作,整理并保存EHS委员会的相关文件和记录。

          Responsible for contacting with EHS safety committee and participating in different kinds of safety activities, assist EHS management committee to implement activities.

        4. 参与公司EHS事故、事件调查,协调处理相关事务,参与制定预防措施并监督落实,及时与上级劳动部门沟通。

          Participate in EHS safety accidents events inspectionassist in carrying out relevant works, draw up preventive measures and supervise and urge to carry out.

        5. 负责新员工入职的公司级安全培训,监督生产部门落实部门级、班组级的EHS培训。

          Responsible for corporate new employee training, supervise production department to carry out department levelteam level EHS training.

        6. 协助劳动保护用品的标准制定,教育并监督员工正确使用。

          Assist in drawing up PPE standards, educate and supervise employee to use it rightly.

        7. 负责特种作业岗位操作证管理,联系外部培训机构开展特种作业人员领证、复审等工作,确保特种作业人员持证上岗。

          Responsible for management for special post certificate, keep in touch with external training institutions for taking and rechecking special post certificate etc. guarantee special post employee to have the certificate.

        8. 联系公司职业病的防治工作,检查执行防止职业中毒和职业病的措施,对接触有毒有害岗位的员工


  • Responsible for prevention work to occupational disease, check and implement measures to occupational poisoning and occupational disease, inform relevant departments to let the employee who touch poisonous and harmful substance have physical examination.

        1. 落实公司内的环境保护工作,定期对噪音、粉尘、有害气体、污水排放等项目联系检测工作,参与环保方案制定,确保各项指标符合法规要求。

  • Carry out corporate environment protection work, contacting for detection work of noisedustpoisonous gaswaste water disposal etc., participate in drawing up environment protection project, guarantee all indexes are legal.

Mobility needs you

  • 2年以上EHS管理经验

    Minimum 2 years EHS management experience in foreign company.

  • 环境工程、安全工程、机电类本科或以上;

    Environmental engineeringsafety engineeringMechanical and Electric undergraduate degree or above.

  • 具有ISO14001&OHSAS18001内审员资质。

    ISO14001&OHSAS18001 internal auditor qualification.

  • 具有安全资格证书

    Safety qualification certificate.



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