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Location: Morristown, NJ, New Jersey, United States 
Job ID: 63239 


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Our mission is to keep cities and people around the world moving. Since 1874 Schindler has an outstanding reputation for not only elevating buildings, but the well-being of everyone who lives and works in them. Do you have the talent, ambition, and vision to help us elevate tomorrow’s world?

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As a leading employer in the urban mobility industry, we are always looking for a diverse group of people who can create exceptional value for our customers.


Join us as a

Senior Manager Codes & Standards


Your Skills

Direct and organize the human, economic and material resources in order to deliver financial, quality and customer/employee satisfaction targets, to provide more cost effective solutions while achieving first pass yield and on time delivery. Support of the corresponding department in the introduction of released codes and standards, and their adaptation to technical solutions, as well as technical approvals in individual cases.


Code Compliance Reviews of PCP Developed Products (with CRD)

  1. A17.1-2019 publication / code support of product updates
  2. A17.5-2019 – CSA re-certification for all products
  3. F3/3350 extension, ES1-NA and ES5-NA code audits
  1. Canadian Electric Code CSA C22.1 2018
  2. International Building Code IBC 2018
  3. Suspension means, governor ropes, compensation A17.6 2016
  4. NA local codes per AHJ
  5. Implement the new Integrity based Code audit process
  1. Various MOL work due to local code adoptions


National Code Adoption/Implementation

  1. Track/mitigate national code adoptions and minimize impact to Schindler
  2. Develop Code assessments for published/released standards
  1. A17.1 publication / code support of product updates
  2. IBC publication/code support (NBCC for Canada)
  3. NFPA 70/ NEC publication/code support (CEC for Canada)
  4. NFPA 13 Sprinkler Code
  5. IECC /ASHRAE Energy Code


Group/SEC Code Processes:

  1. Implement new ON  / WI 0-11700-02 – National Code Advisor for SEC
  2. Coordinate with Group, Support Group Initiatives – ISO Code Development
  3. SEC Code Tool Management
    1. Define replacement strategy for Local Code DB and Local Code Advisory processes
    2. Support NEII Code Tracking Tools


Line Management of Code Team;

  1. Daily management of code team, i.e work assignments, level loading code team, prioritizing activities, etc.
  2. Monthly meetings and on-going tracking of issue
  3. Local Code engagement / Local Code Consultants building AHJ relationship
  4. Local office engagement of Local Code Consultants
  5. Implement Field Office evaluation survey process for evaluating opportunities to improve code teamwork and metric assessment of strengths & weaknesses
  6. General Dept responsibilities such as: Code Team skills development, T&E costs to budget, Expense reporting, Review assessments, etc.


Code and Standards Development Activities:

  1. Continue implementation of SEC succession plan strategy within SEC
    1. Code Committee Members – Main and Alternate
    2. Recruiting of SEC employees to develop tier replacements – 2 to 3 deep
  2. Improve coordination of A17.1 Code member reporting and communication of on-going committee work and successful Schindler voting strategy on pending TN’s
  3. Develop strategy, method and create / implement formal process to align with CRD developments and develop strategy for Code evolution to support.
  4. On-going code development involvement on key topics such as OEO standards, Safe Hoistway Access, Energy Standards for Elevators, etc.


Local Code Activities;

  1. California support of current product deployment (Belted systems, CUBE, MRLs)
  1. Mitigate Group V impact
  2. Ongoing Product Compliance in California
  1. Track/Manage other local code AHJ developments – NYC, MA, WA
  2. Promote adoption of A17.1 standards without modification at local levels
    1. Attend administration review meetings to counter modifications at local level
    2. Mitigate AHJ rulings that contradict SEC understanding or implementation of a standard.
  3. Develop process to improve timely notification of local code changes, improve local code engagement and product development initiatives
  4. Timely management and maintenance of Local Codes; advisories and local code knowledge
    1. Quarterly Communication of Changes to SEC
  5. Minimize financial and business impact of local code adoptions


NEII Role :

NEII Central Code Committee Role – TBD with Legal



Your Experience

  • Bachelors degree in Engiineering or related field
  • QEI Certification required
  • Experience directing a range of engineering activities. Have good organization skill and multitasking skill
  • Engineering experience Broad knowledge of elevator products and applications. Understanding of total Business Unit operation and requirements necessary to provide customer satisfaction
  • Ability to motivate people under direct control or in other departments to meet the objectives.
  • Ability to impart to customers the quality and integrity of business unit products and personnel through meetings and conversations as well as correspondence.
  • Ability to use diplomacy when dealing with customers and other departments.
  • Elevator Industry experience 10 years minimum

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At Schindler Group we value inclusion and diversity, and practice equity to create equal opportunities for all. We endeavor that all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, ethnic background, color, religious affiliation, union affiliation, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, nationality, genetics and health, disability or veteran status.
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